Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wilhelm II's nephew killed

September 15, 1916

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Hesse, a nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm II, has been killed at Cara Orman,  according to the New York Times.  The dispatch is based on an announcement from the War Office in Berlin in "its report on operations on the Balkan front."   Cara Orman is in Romania

The Prince was born in 1893 at Frankfurt-am-Main, eldest son of Prince Friedrich Karl of Hesse and his wife, Princess Margarete of Prussia, a younger sister of Wilhelm II.  He was "reported wounded" in September 1914 while fighting in France.   His younger brother, Prince Maximilian, was killed in France in October 1914.    

Seven other German Princes - two from Saxe-Meiningen, three from Lippe, one from Reuss and one from Waldeck und Pyrmont -- have been killed during the war.

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