Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A future princess celebrates her birthday today

both photos copyright Milana Bosnic

Ljubica Ljubislavljevic celebrates her 27th birthday today (Wednesday).  No doubt, the Belgrade-born young woman will be celebrating with her family and friends, and especially with her fiance, HRH Prince Michael of Serbia.

The couple will marry at the Church of St. George at Openlac, Serbia, on October 23.  They and their guests will return to Belgrade that afternoon for a reception at the White Palace.    

This will be the first royal wedding in Serbia since 1922, when King Alexander I married Princess Marie of Romania. Prince Michael is a grandson of King Alexander and  Queen Marie.  He is the youngest son of Alexander's second son, Prince Tomislav (1928-2000) and his second wife, the British-born Linda Bonney.

Miss Ljubislavljevic received a master's degree in pharmacy in 2013 from the University of Belgrade.   She is "in love with organic cosmetics and skin care." She works in social media management and online publishing, and currently works as a Digital marketing consultant.   

She and Prince Michael are both passionate about horses, and plan to raise and train horses after their marriage. 

Her many interests including playing the guitar, reading, skiing, bungee jumping, bike riding, writing .. and she is a member of Mensa! 

Miss Ljubislavljevic writes about women's health issues for English and Serbian language online publications.   She is fluent in Serbian and in English.

She is the daughter of Milorad Ljubisavljević and Vera Sokolović.


(Thank you, Ljubica, for allowing me to use the Milana's photos)

both photos HRH Crown Prince Alexander 9-15-2016


MAXny said...

Is the woman next to HRH Alexander the brides mother?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

No. Katherine's daughter, Allison

MAXny said...

Oh ok! She looks different.