Thursday, September 22, 2016

House of King Peter I in Oplenac has been opened for heraldry lovers

Topola, 22 September 2016 –

all photos courtesy of HRH Crown Prince Alexander's press office

Coats of arms of the Royal Family Karadjordjevic, as well as many interesting facts about heraldry and history of the Karadjordjevics, are expecting the visitors of the exhibition “House of Karadjordje Heraldry”, which opened in the House of King Petar I in Oplenac. At the opening there were present HRH Prince Mihailo with his fiancée Ms Ljubica Ljubisavljevic, Mr Dragan Zivanovic, Mayor of Topola and many distinguished guests.

The exhibition was opened by Prof. Momcilo Pavlovic, the director of the Institute for Contemporary History and Mr. Dragomir Acovic, chairman of the Crown Council. The authors of the exhibition are Mr. Acovic and Mr. Ljubodrag Grujic, the Herald of the Royal House. The exhibition will be open until the end of the tourist season in Oplenac. “Coats of arms were once the most important sign of recognition and carried important symbolism that was tied to a person or a family. Here today we have an insight into the entire rich heraldic history of the House of Karadjordje, which, along with the stories that accompany its emergence, will provide the visitors with a unique educational experience”, said Dragomir Acovic, chairman of the Crown Council and one of the authors of the exhibition.

House of Karadjordje Heraldry” is the third in a series of exhibitions this season in Oplenac, and visitors can still enjoy the setting of the “Orders of the House of Karadjordje” and “Forming of the church of St. George’s interior and Nikola Krasnov”.

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