Friday, September 16, 2016

Prince Michael of Serbia to marry

September 2013.  Both photos were taken by me in Belgrade at one the final reception following the state funeral for King Peter II, Queen Alexandra, Queen Marie and Prince Andrej.

HRH Prince Michael and  Ljubica Ljubisavljević  (copyright:Marlene A. Eilers Koenig)

HRH Prince Michael of Serbia will marry  Belgrade-born Ljubica Ljubisavljević  on October 23rd at the Church of St. George.   The reception will be held at the White Palace.

This will be the second  royal wedding in Serbia since June 8, 1922,  when Prince Michael's grandfather, King Alexander I, married Princess Marie of Romania.   Prince Alexander, son of Prince Paul, and Princess Barbara of Liechtenstein had an Orthodox wedding at St. George's in October 1996, 22 years after their civil marriage in Paris.

 The couple were introduced at a Belgrade restaurant more than four years ago.   "We discovered that we share the same values and we quickly became inseparable,"  Prince Michael told Blic, a Belgrade newspaper.

After the wedding the couple will settle down near Belgrade, where they will plan to raise horses and be surrounded by nature."

Prince Michael, who was born at London on December 15, 1985, is the younger son of the late Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia and his second wife, Linda (bee Bonney.  He has an older brother, Prince George, and two older half siblings, Prince Nikola and Princess Katarina, the children of Tomislav's first marriage to Princess Margarita of Baden.

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