Wednesday, September 28, 2016

World not supposed to know that George and Charlotte visited Children's farm.

The Cambridge kids  need to be entertained while Mummy and Papa do their thing for Queen and Country.  It appears that yesterday Prince George and Princess Charlotte visited the Beacon Hill Farm, a children's zoo, "located within beautiful Beacon Hill Park," in Victoria, British Columbia.    One assumes that nanny Maria and a phalanx of security personnel were along for the trip.

No photos of course.  A private visit. Let the kids have fun and all that.  Earlier today,  the Farm and Tourism Victoria sent tweets stating that the royal children had visited the farm yesterday.  The information had also appeared on the Beacon Hill Farm's Facebook page.

The British Columbia government requested that the tweets and Facebook posts be deleted.  Wonder who made the request to the  British Columbia government?


Unknown said...

So didn’t The Cambridges meet with their cousin Frederica’s family during that trip?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Frederica is Charles' first cousin, but probably limited contact these days especially after Sophie's death. They could have been invited to one of the official dinners but not publicized, perhaps.