Monday, November 30, 2015

is a baby the reason Nicholas Medforth-Mills lost his succession rights and title.

@Flux 24

I am now catching up with royal news after being out of town for the Thanksgiving break. This story has caught me off guard and I want to make sure I stick to the facts as presented.

Flux 24, a Romanian newspaper, offers an exclusive story on the reason why Nicholas Medforth-Mills was stripped of his title, Prince of Romania and his dynastic rights.   Her name is Nicoleta Cirjan, and she is pregnant.  The father of the child is alleged to be Nicholas Medforth-Mills.

The story broke on Saturday, and other, more mainstream, Romanian newspapers, are reporting the news.  So far, there has been no confirmation or denial of the story from the royal family's press office or Mr. Medforth-Mills.

Miss Cirjan is the co-founder and Communication  Consultant at MAINO,  a non-profit organization wants to "set Social Responsibility at the core of businesses communication strategies."   She is an environmental analyst and activist.  Miss Cirjan has a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (Colegiul National Andrei Saguna), a university degree in Communication and Public Relations (National school of Political and Administrative Studies), and a master's degree in Marketing and Communication Affairs (Economic Studies Academy).

Nicholas, who took part in cycling events in Romania, met Nicoleta, at a cycling cross country event in May.  This was a charity ride to raise money for children in with autism.  Nicoleta loves to ride her bike, and her motto is "let’s be green and we will change the world!"

Miss Cirjan, who had recently ended a six year relationship with another man, and the then Prince Nicholas allegedly had unprotected sex at some point in late May.   In July, she realized  that she was pregnant.   The morning after pill had failed.  She and the father discussed abortion, but she weighed the pros and cons of  abortion (she remains pro-choice), and decided to keep her child.

Nicholas's last public appearance as a member of the Royal Family was at Brasov on July 28.

Miss Cirjan wrote about her decision to go through with the pregnancy in a blog post on September 20.


She does not name the father of the child, except to say that they do not love each other, and there are no plans to marry.  According to Nicoleta, the father tried to convince her that abortion was the right option.   She also said that she forgives the father each day, and has made it clear that he will be welcome to be a part of her child's life.  The baby is due in January or February.  Reports say that the child is a girl.

I have chosen to use the word  "alleged" when describing Nicholas's position as the father of the child.  The mother does not name the father.  The palace's press office has not confirmed the story.  Most important,  Nicholas Medforth-Mills has not acknowledged that he is the father of Miss Cirjan's child.

It should be noted that King Michael's statement included the phrase "modest, well-balanced and with moral principles" in reference to position of head of the house.


Unknown said...

Even if true, why should he lose his position in the RF because he has fathered a child out of wedlock and does not intend to marry the mother? Half of the Gotha would be "out of the job" if affaires and out of wedlock children would be an issue. The Prince of Monaco sits firmly on this throne...-))

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Monaco is another world. I think Michael, a very moral man, wants to move away from the type of behavior exhibited by his father and other members of his family.

Johan said...

I know this isnt the 1950's... But they could have married, had the baby in wedlock, (giving it a place in the succession), stayed together for appearance sake and divorced a year or 2 later.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Johan, they were never a couple. They had sex, not romance. Never dated. No relationship ...

Maureen said...

Not contestants of "Married at First Sight" I take it.
All joking aside I'm surprised precautions were not made prior to sex. Surely Nicholas was aware of the possible consequences of unprotected sex. Maybe he thought it couldn't happen to him.
I don't pretend to know King Michaels mind, but if he has very high standards for personal conduct, that could explain why Nicholas accepted the demotion so readily. Maybe he knew he couldn't live up to expectations of being part of a Royal Family and living in the public eye. Of course we will probably never know.

The Blessed Virgin said...

I am shocked by this news. Nicholas is a lad like everyone else and these things happen. The only difference today is, the media and online access by all. BUT I hope that King Michael might think long and hard in giving his half brother's eldest son a prospective role in the future of Roumania's monarchy rather then his daughters. Out of respect the monarchist will support what ever changes are made but it be a stronger hold if both parties are united rather !!!!!!!!!!!!.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michael never recognized his older half brother. Moreover, Paul Lambrino has serious problems

There are also investigations into some of Paul's deals to acquire former royal property (Carol II assets.) The monarchy is not going to be restored. They will never recognize Paul's line. Romanian monarchists (and there are not that many) will not support Lambrino. They talk about the Hohenzollern branch which is next in line. They have no interest.

The reality of the situation is that monarchy is not the answer for Romania. Right now, Margarita and Radu have a social presence in the country, but the government is not interested in restoration. Victor Ponta's campaign included a promise for a referendum, but he lost the election, and was forced out of office after the fire at the disco. Romania remains mired in corruption on all levels. There are other things that led to this decision. Nicholas was not raised to be a royal. He got thrown into something for which he was not prepared. His grandfather got involved with Frank Buchman's moral re-armament group in the 50s. Michael will not accept any hint of immorality .. Nicholas has disappeared from the scene.

Maureen said...

Marlene, in your opinion is this theory probable then?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

If we follow the timeline, then yes.

Michelle said...

IF this story is true & he is in fact the father, I have a theory you may or may not agree with, Marlene. Let's say for argument's sake that the "facts" presented in your post are actually true. If that is the case, the father pushed for abortion. It could be that the king might have been willing to overlook the pregnancy itself, but was upset by the idea that Nicholas was supporting an abortion. For those who believe life begins at conception - including most religious people - it is nothing short of murder. If the details presented are true, he not only approved of the abortion, but advocated for it. The fact that the mother chose not to go through with an abortion could have been seen as irrelevant, and perhaps the king simply did not believe that someone who supported that should retain his position. I could be wrong, but maybe he simply thought that the prince should've done what he saw as the right thing: marry, have the child, and put the premarital relations in the past. It could also be that if this was simply a casual "hook up," which is possible given the fact that the mother says they weren't even in love, he was opposed to that as well. Of course it could simply be the fact that he got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, but I'm wondering if it's the abortion that posed the bigger moral opposition for the king.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I would doubt that, Michelle. The mother made the comments. Abortion is seen far more as a medical procedure in European countries. Why would you marry a girl you had sex with, but was not involved with, dating, etc. This incident was, I think, the final straw for a number of things that have allegedly happened over the past few years