Friday, September 12, 2014

Princess Gloria talks about Maria Theresia's wedding

On the eve of Princess Maria Theresia of Thurn und Taxis's marriage to Briton Hugo Wilson,  her mother, Princess Gloria, consents to an exclusive interview with TZ, a German television program.

(This is a rough translation of the reporter's questions, and Princess Gloria's responses.)

 Gloria, the widow of Johannes, Prince of Thurn und Taxis, took time out from the wedding preparations to chat with the reporter.

The Princess was asked if she were excited about the wedding.  "Yes, of course, I am excited.

Why did Maria Theresia choose to marry at Garatshausen, and not at Regensburg.

"Maria Theresia loves the Starnberger See, and has wonderful childhood memories at Garatshausen."

Princess Gloria said she is involved in the wedding preparations.  "We are doing everything ourselves with a proven team from Regensburg. "

Princess Gloria said her daughter took care of the wedding dress, and has no idea of what she will wear, except to say that the gown was designed by Vivienne Westwood. 

"So, super cool," she said.

Gloria was asked what she will be wearing to the wedding.  A hat or a Gerhard Meir hairstyle?  "No.  I am so over hats.  Most likely I wear one of  my elegant Dirndls."

Princess Gloria will attend the wedding shower at P1 club in Munich,  but will not be taking the stage as a rock singer.   "I will definitely be there, but no chance to be a rock singer.  I will remain in the background.  The couple are in charge."

She was asked if Maria Theresia is more relaxed than she was when she wed Prince Johannes in 1980.   Gloria was only 20 years old when she married.

"I don't know because Maria Theresia keeps her feelings to herself."   She is reminded of her own wedding.  "My wedding day was very beautiful and every exciting.  It's all gone by so quickly, just madness, but it was very beautiful."

Helping prepare for her elder daughter's wedding is reminder of her own marriage, she said.

"When I think about my own wedding, I always think about the priest who performed the ceremony, My husband is still very close to me."

Did Hugo Wilson actually ask for your daughter's hand in marriage? 

Gloria answered "Yes, of course, because he knows how to behave."

She said she first met Hugo a "long time ago because they have known each other for awhile.'

Was there ever a thought that Hugo was not acceptable (because he is a commoner.). "Oh, no, those days are gone."

She likes Hugo's art.  "Yes, he makes great sculptures."

Contrary to earlier reports, Hugo Wilson has not yet converted to Roman Catholicism.   "He said he wants to convert, but the priest advised that it should not be done during the marriage preparation, and should take place after the wedding."

The wedding will not be performed by Cardinal Mueller as the couple "have a very good priest, who took them through the marriage preparations."

She said she would only give advice to her adult children when it is "explicitly requested."

The best thing she can wish for her daughter's new life is "a happy marriage, of course!"

The reporter said there will be many people and journalists who will travel to Garatshausen to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds and the "illustrious guests."

Princess Gloria responded:  "There will be no illustrious guests" at the wedding.   She said she does not know where they will be going on their honeymoon, but said they will be living in London.

Does she want to be a grandmother?  "Yes, of course, I would be very happy about that."

Does she think Maria Theresia's marriage will provide inspiration for her younger daughter, Elsiabeth and her son, Albert, the present head of the house.

"I am sure both kids want to marry, but when, I do not know."

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