Friday, September 12, 2014

Prince George orders engagement ring

September 12, 1934

Prince George arrived in London today from Paris, and then traveled to Balmoral to meet with his parents, King George V and Queen Mary to discuss the arrangements for his marriage to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, reports the New York Times.

Princess Marina will remain in Paris "selecting her trousseau" until Sunday, when she will travel to London.  Prince George will meet her there, and then they will go together to Balmoral.

Shortly after his return home, Prince George ordered an engagement ring for his fiancée.  He selected a "Kashmir sapphire, to be mounted in platinum."

The stone is a "square sapphire," technically a "square emerald-cut Kashmir sapphire."

The setting is said to be of a "most modern design."

Much to the "satisfaction" of the British, Princess Marina has chosen a British designer, Captain Molyneux to design her wedding gown.  Molyneux will also design the gowns that her sisters will wear to the wedding.

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