Thursday, September 18, 2014

A selection of Romanov photos

All from my collection.

Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duke Michael

Empress Marie Feodorovna with Grand Duke George, Tsarevitch Nicholas, Grand Duchess Xenia, Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duke Michael in 1884

a young Empress Marie (Dagmar of Denmark)

Princess Xenia Georgievna of Russia, daughter of Grand Duke George and Princess Marie of Greece

Athens 1882:  Prince Constantine, King George I, Prince George of Wales, Queen Olga, Prince George, Prince Albert Victor, Princess Alexandra, Princess Marie & Prince Nicholas

Grand Duke Paul and Princess Alexandra of Greece

Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich

Russian, Greek and Danish royal families, perhaps at Fredensborg

Grand Duchess Marie and Grand Duchess Xenia

Nicholas II

King George I of the Hellenes, Empress Marie, Prince Nicholas, Queen Olga, Crown Prince Constantine, Alexander III, Princess Marie  at Peterhof

Grand Duke Alexis

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