Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is Marie the most beautiful Princess in Europe

September 17, 1904

Paris, said to be the "tribunal of beauty," has proclaimed Crown Princess Marie of Roumania as the "most beautiful princess in Europe," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Her beauty is said the be "beyond question."  All princesses are said to be "beautiful," but in most cases, they are the "plainest of all mortals."  But Crown Princess Marie would be "declared beautiful even if she were a peasant girl."

The blood of three royal families flows through her veins.  Her father, the late Duke Alfred of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was a son of Queen Victoria. Her mother, Marie, is the daughter of the late Alexander II of Russia.  Her first cousin is Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

Unfortunately, for all the eligible princes, Marie, 28, is "happily married" to Crown Prince Ferdinand of Roumania, and the mother of three young children.

Although her marriage is described as a "political" arrangement,  it is a happy marriage.  She was chosen to be Ferdinand's bride to "cement the ties of friendship between Russia, Germany and Romania."

Marie and Ferdinand, heir to the Roumanian throne, is a "love affair as royal marriages in Europe can be," says the Tribune.

The couple live in a "picturesque palace in Bucharest," and spend summers at Sinaia, "over which artists grow enthusiastic." She is personally involved in her children's education, and she is well educated herself.  Crown Princess Marie speaks four languages, and is an accomplished musician and artist.  She loves sports and enjoys riding.  She also has a "great interest" in the army, and is an honorary colonel of one of guard regiments. 

She always takes a prominent role at annual army maneuvers and is the "idol of soldiers" who serve in the armed forces.

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