Friday, September 12, 2014

Liechtenstein princess killed in bombing

September 12, 1944

The New York Times has received a report from Vaduz, Liechtenstein, announcing that Princess Marie Elisabeth, 23, who was married to Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein, was killed in Vienna on September 10 "during an American air raid" on the city.

Marie Elisabeth von Leutzendorff married Prince Constantin, a cousin of Prince Franz, the sovereign of the tiny principality, at Vienna in March 1941.  She gave birth to the couple's only child, Princess Monica Maria Theresia Elisabeth of Liechtenstein who was born in April 1942.


Sondra said...

Hi! It's very difficult to find things about this princess. Do you know any sources I could explore to learn more about her? Sorry if it sounds weird, I'm just interested in lesser known European history!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

probably not. Her husband was not a member of the main branch - and there are many, many Liechtenstein princes and princes, most of whom never lived in Liechtenstein. It was not until 1938 when Franz Joseph II succeeded that he moved to Vaduz. Prior to this, the prince and his family did not live in the country or live prominent live.