Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Juan Carlos & Sofia to divorce?

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain did not spend their summer vacation today.  This is not news.  The couple, who married in 1962, have lived largely separate lives for many years.  In June,  the king announced his intention to abdicate in favor of his only son, Felipe.

King Felipe V's installation was the last time Juan Carlos and Sofia were last seen in public.

This summer, Queen Sofia spent most of her summer holidays at the Marivent Palace in Mallorca.  Juan Carlos did not accompany her.  The former king has only been seen twice in public this summer, first at the inauguration of Juan Manuel Santos as the new president of Colombia and in Granada to show his support for the Spanish basketball team.

On Tuesday,  the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica,  published a small article stating that an imminent announcement about an "effective divorce" between Juan Carlos and Sofia would be forthcoming from the King's official office.

The Royal Palace in Madrid has refused to comment on the report. "Experience" Spanish reporters believe that the palace will offer a brief statement about an official separation, not a divorce.  

Queen Sofia remains in Mallorca with her sister, Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark.


John said...

If this were true, I wonder if Sofia would use HRH Princess Sofia of The Hellenes, Queen of Spain.

Is there a precedent for divorced Spanish queens?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

there is no precedent ... the Spanish are Roman Catholics, and only 2 Queens in the 20th Century. Alfonso and Ena lived apart, always rumors of divorce. But they never divorced. A bit moot to consider a title ...she and JC are still members of the Royal House (and are financially covered.) Unlikely to happen

Daniel McDonald said...

I find it difficult to believe...

Anonymous said...

I really doubt a divorce is in the works, or for that matter an official separation. A private one, most definitely, but not in the open...I can't even fathom that the Royal House would issue such a statement.....Queen Sofia would never jeopardize her son's future..

juan said...

This isn't thuth, they never will divorce. Felipe has just became the King of Spain and a divorce would be a bad idea. I think everything has an easy explication, King Juan Carlos is trying to be invisible for a while and like this everybody pays attention on his son, the new King. Juan Carlos, sadly, wasn't a very popular King, it is neccesary "to forget " the former monarchy. He just wants everybody to know in Spain there is just one King, Felipe VI. Juan Carlos was King of Spain for almost 40 years and many people still see Juan Carlos as the King of Spain.
On the other hand Queen Sofía is very popular in Spain, in case a divorce everybody would blame Juan Carlos and this would be bad publicity for the royal family.
King Juan Carlos has complained for the last years he hasn't too many friends at the moment in Mallorca, some friends died or just left Mallorca, so he hasn't anymore interest in Mallorca and prefers Madrid because in there has many friends, the King is a very social person. Queen Sofía loves Mallorca, in there enjoys to be with her grandchildren, her sister and her cousin Tatiana Radziwil.

Maureen said...

I don't think it's true at all. Wasn't this based on speculation and a slow news period. Many outlets published the same story.
If it's true then maybe Sifia got tired of pretending he cares for her and has had enough. Or not. She might be content with the status quo. Still, she has done her duty to Spain for many years. It is time for her to be happy.