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Ernst Gunther banished

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September 3, 1904

Duke Ernst Gunther of Schleswig-Holstein has been banished from the German court, reports the New York Times.   The Duke, whose sister, Auguste Viktoria, is married to Kaiser Wilhelm II, recently wrote a letter "savagely attacking Baron von Mirbach, who recently retired as Secretary of the Empress' cabinet.  Von Mirbach also served as the administrator of the empress' charities.

The Kaiser is said to be furious with his brother-in-law and has announced that the Duke is banished from court.  This announcement has been made public in several newspapers as Duke Ernst Gunther was invited to the maneuvers but has had to decline due to "ill health."

Duke Ernst Gunther is married to Princess Dorothea of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

The Empress' brother-in-law, Prince Friedrich Leopold, who married Princess Luise Sophie of Schleswig-Holstein, is also in "disfavor" with the Kaiser.  He is the commander of a regiment, but his conduct is said to be "notoriously unmilitary."  Wilhelm II decided to send the Prince to Manchuria, to give him a "real taste of war," but to the surprise of everyone, the newspapers announced a few days ago that Prince Friedrich Leopold was unable to travel due to "ill health."

But the real reason, according to official reports, is that the Russian Emperor was informed of the Prince's "character," and the "present position of the army in Manchuria" would make it difficult to guarantee Prince Friedrich Leopold's safety.

Although Nicholas II had originally agreed to Wilhelm's request, he withdrew his consent and asked the German government to postpone the trip.

Prince Friedrich Leopold had spent 50,000 marks for the trip.

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