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Kaiser cannot end Prince Wolfgang's romance

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
September 17, 1924

It is a "royal romance that always happens in the movies," but for Prince Wolfgang of Hesse and Princess Marie Alexandra of Baden,  their romance is the real thing.

Their relationship is the royal equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, according to the Chicago Daily Tribune.  Prince Wolfgang of Hesse is the nephew of former Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Marie Alexandra's father is the "gentle, democratic" Prince Max of Baden.

The Kaiser is said to hate the house of Baden.  Prince Max served as Wilhelm's final chancellor, and the former Kaiser believes that "Max sold the country to the Republicans," and he put a curse on the House of Baden "forever."

Prince Wolfgang is said to be Wilhelm's favorite nephew, and he has fallen "headlong in love" with Princess Marie Alexandra,  Max's daughter.

The feud between the two royal houses goes back to the final days of the world war, when Wilhelm appointed the democratically minded Prince Max as his chancellor.  It was Prince Max who advised the Kaiser to abdicate, and told him that a "revolution was raging."  He recommended that Wilhelm flee to the Netherlands, and Max remained in charge until the socialists took over.

Wilhelm II apparently regretted his decision to leave.  "Prince Max betrayed me and betrayed German into the hands of the republicans."

A year ago,  Wolfgang told his uncle about his love for Princess Marie Alexandra.  There were angry words and the Kaiser "threatened and finally parted with Prince Wolfgang reconciled."

Prince Wolfgang's mother, Princess Margarete of Hesse-Cassel, who is the Kaiser's youngest sister, traveled to Doorn to "plead her son's case."  Her "tears impressed" Empress Hermine, the Kaiser's new wife. 

Both pleaded with Wilhelm, and the "struggle was long," but finally Wilhelm acquiesced, and his heart was "softened by seeing both women in tears.
Wilhelm consented to the marriage, which took place today in Baden.  It was a "democratic affair."  Prince Max said "The times are too earnest and too sad for elaborate festivities."  He would allow only "greens from the forest and a few roses for decoration."

No music, and dancing was prohibited.  The guests included former Queen Sophie of Greece, another sister of the former Kaiser, the Duke of Cumberland (the bride's maternal grandfather), the Prince of Furstenberg and other members of the former princely and ducal families.


Emerald said...

I read Royals and the Reich but I don't remember Max. Christoph and Phillip, yes. I'll have to go back and refresh my memory.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Max of Baden died in 1929. He was married to Princess Marie Louise of Cumberland (a British princess). Marie Louise was also a princess of Hannover.