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Some think Archduke died in a New York Hospital

March 31, 1924

A man who claimed to be the missing Archduke Johann Salvator of Austria,  died today in a Bronx, New York, hospital, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Archduke Johann Salvator disappeared from Austria in 1889, and "was supposed to have died in a steamship wreck a year later."

New York City's "official records" show the dead man to be "the former Austrian Archduke," although he was reported to have died "on many occasions in different parts of the world.

Dr. John Grimley, who looked after the "distinguished-looking old gentleman,: is convinced that his patient was the archduke because "of his apparent intimate knowledge of European courts.
The death certificate signed by Dr. Grimley "carries the name of Johann Salvator", and not that of "O.N. Orlow, as he was known here for twenty-five years."

Society photographer, Mrs. Charles H. Fairchild," to reporters that she had discovered" the former archduke about a year ago.  He admitted to her his real identity.  He said the real reason for his "flight from Vienna" was that he had "blackened the eyes" of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, for "applying a vile name to his mother."

He said he broke his sword and threw the pieces "at the feet of the emperor," where he "stalked from the palace," and refused his "soldiers' proffer to place him on the throne."   He said he left Austria forever.

He told Mrs. Fairchild that he invented the shipwreck story, to "end forever any attempt to have him returned to Vienna."

In 1909, an Ohio machinist, Jean Orth, claimed to be the missing archduke. 

Archduke Johann Salvator was declared dead by a Vienna court in 1911, stating he had died on July 21, 1890.

He was the youngest son of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Princess Maria Antonia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

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