Friday, March 7, 2014

Remembering King Paul

Members of the Greek Royal Family gathered in Athens and Tatoi to celebrate and commemorate the life of King Paul who died 50 years ago.

The Royal Family was joined by cousins, the descendants of Greek Princesses.

The family who were present: King Constantine & Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Sofia of Spain & Princess Irene; Princess Alexia, Crown Prince Pavlos & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana, Princess Theodora, Prince Philippos, the Prince & Princess of Asturias, Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina; Princess Maria-Olympia, Prince Constantine-Alexios, Prince Achileas, Prince Odysseas, Prince Aristidis
Crown Prince Alexander & Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia; Princess Tatiana Radziwill & Dr John Fruchaud;Count & Countess Hans-Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach, Archduchess Helen of Austria;
The Margrave & Margravine of Baden, Prince & Princess Ludwig of Baden; Prince & Princess Michael of Greece and Princess Welf-Heinrich of Hanover. 

Crown Prince Alexander's mother was Princess Alexandra of Greece, a niece of Paul.  She was buried at Tatoi until last spring when her remains were brought to Serbia for reburial.  

Princess Tatiana Radziwill is the daughter of the late Princess Eugenie of Greece, the daughter of Prince George, uncle of King Paul.  Count Hans-Veit zu Toerring-Jettenbach and Archduchess Helen of Austria are the children of Princess Elisabeth of Greece, second of three daughters of Prince Nicholas, uncle of King Paul and Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna of Russia. 

The Margrave of Baden and Prince Ludwig of Baden are the two surviving children of the late Princess Theodora of Greece, second of four daughters of Prince Andrew, uncle of King Paul, and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Prince Michael of Greece is the only child of the late Prince Christopher of Greece, who died when Michael was an infant, and Princess Francoise d'Orléans.  King Paul became Michael's guardian after Princess Francoise's death in 1953.

Princess Welf-Heinrich of Hanover (nee Princess Alexandra of Ysenburg und Büdingen) is the widow of Prince Welf-Heinrich of Hanover, the youngest brother of late Queen Frederika, and, is King Paul's only surviving in-law.
No member of the British royal family (a descendant of the late Princess Marina of Greece, youngest daughter of Prince Nicholas, who married the Duke of Kent in 1934 or the former Prince Philip of Greece (HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) was present for political reasons.  Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, a granddaughter of King Paul's elder sister, Princess Helen, was in London for several official engagements, and was unable to attend the events in Greece. 
The British were probably advised by the Foreign Office to not attend, for political reasons.  This was why there was no member of the British royal family attended King Peter's State Funeral last May.   I also did not see any descendants of Princesses Margarita and Sophie of Greece, eldest and youngest daughters of Prince Andrew, or Princess Olga, eldest daughter of Prince Nicholas.   Paul Brandram, the only child of the late Princess Katherine, also appears to not have attended the event.  He is a nephew of the late King Paul, and remains close to his first cousin, King Constantine.

King Simeon of the Bulgarians also attended the ceremony.


ladarlena said...

I wonder why Duke of Aosta did not attend this event since he is a nephew of King Paul and son of Princess Irene, one of King's three sisters.

juan said...

I cannot believe no member of British royal family was present for political reasons. The funeral was a private event. You know British royals have a worderful relationship with the Greek royal family, they are cousins and friends. The Greek royal family has lived in United Kingdom for 40 years. They aren´t a reigning royal family so there is not political reason if no member of British family wasn´t present. It is easier to understand they didn´t attend for official engagements. The Queen of Spain didn´t attend to funeral of King Peter and her first cousin Queen Alexandra and it was not for political reasons. The reigning royal families are always very busy, they have many more engagements that a non-reigning royal family.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It is still up to the foreign office to give the okay. Charles was invited to attend the state funeral, but had to decline, which I know for a fact because I was at the state funeral. It doesn't matter about being a private visit. King Constantine and Anne Marie were present for the funeral .. yes, even today, political issues remain with these countries.

juan said...

But what political reasons? It wasn't a State Funeral, King Paul died 50 years ago, it was only an anniversary. Queen of Danemark didn't attend either and she is Anne Marie's sister and King Paul was a prince of Danemark.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

When a British royal travels abroad, there are all sorts of things that go on - even though Greece is no longer a monarchy, there may be diplomatic issues - there are also the recces, security for the British royals, putting a burden on the host country, even though it would be a private visit. If the event happened in the UK, a British royal may have attended - but not abroad. Queen Margrethe had other engagements today in Denmark

Bea said...

Marlene, I always wondered if the Duke of Aosta was on good terms with the Greek Royal Family, I haven't seen much of him at these ceremonies, I didn't see him here either. Bea.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I have no idea who Amedeo was not in Athens, even though he was Paul's nephew ...