Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grand Duchess Marie has narrow escape

March 26, 1904

Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna had a "narrow escape" from a bear during a hunting party at Gatchina, which she and her husband, Grand Duke Wladimir, recently hosted.

According to the New York Times,  the Grand Duchess "killed one bear," and then shot another."  This second bear, wounded and "enraged" struck back,  attacking one of the beaters, ripping his clothing and "tearing his shoulder."

The bear rose to "his full height, over six feet," and rushed toward the Grand Duchess.  As the bear charged toward her, the Grand Duchess, remaining in full control with the "presence of mind," managed to take off her fur coat, "which impeded her free movement," and raised her gun and fired.  The bullet was a direct hit between the eyes of the bear.

Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna received many "compliments" on her courageousness.

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