Thursday, March 27, 2014

Princess Alice's jewels are stolen

March 27, 1904

The "most famous diamond necklace" in the world,  owned by Princess Alice de Bourbon, has been stolen, according to the Chicago Daily Tribune.

The necklace, valued at $400,000, once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

Before Princess Alice left Paris, she deposited the necklace with a "well-known jeweler.   Not long afterward, a person "calling himself a confidential messenger from the princess"  went to the jewelers, where he "presented credentials" and was given the necklace.

The thief is believed to be a "Belgian engineer with whom the princess had been negotiating for the purchase of a villa."  He has received several commissions from Princess Alice's brother, Prince Jaime.

When the robbery was discovered, the "police of all the great European cities" were notified.  A search for the thief is now being made.

A large reward is being offered for the return of the valuable necklace.

The necklace was first ordered for Madame du Barry, "negotiated by Cardinal de Rohan through an intermediary, believed to be the "adventuress countess de LaMotte."

Queen Marie Antoinette was unjustly believed to be involved in the negotiations.  The Cardinal was "duped" by the queen's faux signature. 

The  French court became involved in the "scandal and was discredited."

Last year, the Princess's marriage to Prince Friedrich of Schönburg-Waldenburg was annulled.  

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