Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prince Laurent: improving

The condition of Prince Laurent of Belgium is said to be improving, according to Belgian broadcaster RTL-TV.  Prince Laurent, the youngest child of King Albert, remains under sedation and in an artificial coma.  He entered the hospital eight days ago, and is being treated for a severe case of infectious pneumonia.

Doctors placed the prince in an artificial coma to all him to rest and respond to treatment.

Princess Claire has been visiting her husband every day. On Wednesday, she came without the couple's three children.  

Father Gilbert, the Roman Catholic priest who officiated at their wedding in 2003, is expected to visit Prince Laurent tomorrow (Thursday) at the suggestion of Laurent's older sister, Princess Astrid.

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Michelle said...

here's hoping he pulls through with no lasting effects! it would be horrible to lose another relatively young royal with children & a wife to live for.

Marlene, would you care to share your thoughts on "i wanna marry harry," airing starting in may on fox? apparently, 10-12 girls believe they are competing for a chance to be with prince harry. they're using a lookalike, who does look like him but i wouldn't think would pull off BEING him at a close distance for a long period of time. it's "joe millionaire" style, trying to see if they want the life or the man. given your "fondness" for "secret princes," i figured this would just send you over the top! ;-)