Friday, March 28, 2014

Love at first sight for Grand Duke Dimitri

March 28, 1914

It appears to be love at first sight for Grand Duke Dimitri of Russia and Miss Alice Durham of Boston,  reports the New York Times.

The Grand Duke, a first cousin of Nicholas II, has apparently made an offer to "renounce his imperial rights" to marry Miss Durham. 

The couple met recently at a skating rink in St. Petersburg.  Miss Durham is said to be "a bewitching beauty of slender figure and delicate manners."

Grand Duke Dimitri "fell in love with her at first sight," and has since then availed himself "of every opportunity to meet her."

Dimitri's father, Grand Duke Paul, was banished from Court after contracting a mésalliance with Mme. Pistolkers.   Dimitri's mother, Princess Alexandra of Greece died shortly after giving birth to him.   After his father's second marriage,  Dimitri and his older sister, Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna, were raised by Grand Duke Serge and Grand Duchess Elisabeth.

He is "chief of the sharpshooters of the bodyguard," and is said to be a "brilliant" horseman and a "crack shot in the Russian Army."

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