Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grand Duke wants to wed an American

March 27, 1914

Russian Court officials are "greatly exercised" over a St. Petersburg report that young Grand Duke Dimitri "had made an offer" to Emperor Nicholas II "to renounce his imperial rights" because he wants to marry a "handsome American girl, Miss Durham."

The New York Times reports that the Grand Duke recently met Miss Durham, who came to St. Petersburg "with a party of American friends."

This situation is "aggravated by the fact" that Grand Duke Dimitri is the "prospective husband" of Nicholas' second daughter, Grand Duchess Tatiana

Only last week, Grand Duke Dimitri was "banished from Russia." It was stated that it was because of his "youthful infatuation" for Princess Belosselsky, the former Susie Whittier of Boston.

There have been whispers that Nicholas and his consort, Alexandra, considered Dimitri a "good match for one of their daughters."   They were said to be "very angry" when they heard the rumors about Dimitri's alleged relationship with the Princess.

He was "abruptly ordered" to leave the country, and not return to Russia for four months."

Grand Duke Dimitri is the son of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich and the late Princess Alexandra of Greece.   He is a first cousin of Nicholas II.

Grand Duchess Tatiana is said to be a "quiet, obedient and affectionate girl," with little time for frivolities.  A dispatch to the Daily Mail last August stated she was "expected" to marry Prince Carol of Romania.

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