Friday, March 28, 2014

More on Princess Alice's stolen necklace

March 28, 1904

Prince Jaime of Bourbon, brother of Princess Alice, has given an interview to the Warsaw Courier on "the subject of the historical necklace," which the Princess reported stolen.

A French newspaper, Petit Temps, published the interview, according to The New York Times.

Prince Jaime told the newspaper that the necklace was "fraudulently obtained" on March 11 from a Paris jeweler. Princess Alice had brought the necklace there to be repaired. 

The person who "obtained the necklace," is said to be a Belgian, who claimed he was an intermediary between the Princess and the jeweler.  He was able to persuade the jeweler to give him the necklace after showing him purported correspondence from the Princess giving him the "authority to receive it."

The Belgian man has since disappeared, and is believed to have passed the "necklace to persons in England."

The necklace, which once belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette, is valued at $100,000.

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