Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wladimir wants Hitler to restore throne

December 14, 1938

Grand Duke Wladimir of Russia will go to Berlin on Sunday.  The New York Times reports that Wladimir, who calls himself Czar Wladimir II, will negotiate with Hitler "on the future status of the Ukraine, which Hitler covets.  The German dictator wants to establish a Nazi state in the Ukraine, which will be carved out of Ruthenia, the easternmost province in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Roumania and soviet Russia.
The leaders of the Paris-based White Russian movement "are convinced" that Hitler will agree to have the Grand Duke "proclaimed as emperor of 'all the Russians' on two conditions."
The first condition is that Wladimir's brother-in-law, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, grandson of the former Kaiser Wilhelm II, and husband of Grand Duchess Kira of Russia, will be named as Regent for the 21-year-old Grand Duke until he comes of age.  The second condition will require that a loyal pro-German Cossack hetmen be "appointed for the Ukraine."
Russian monarchists have "received word" that the Germans will be action against the Ukraine in March, and by June, Germany plans to make a "protected leadership of the Ukraine" as a reality. 
French "observers are convinced" that Hitler "is counting on the cooperation of the Ukrainian church" to build his Ukrainian empire.
Members of the White Russia community will be in Paris to attending 'sending off' party for Wladimir.
Former officers of the imperial guard are required to attend "so as to convey the impression to Hitler that all White Russians in France" stand with Wladimir as he heads to Berlin.

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