Monday, December 6, 2010

Constantine to return to the throne

December 6, 1920

The election results are coming in from the plebiscite yesterday in Greece, and the results show an "overwhelming majority in favor of King Constantine resuming power," according to the Associated Press.
The former king is expected to board a ship at Brindisi for Athens on Friday or Saturday,
In Athens, Princess Anastasia, the wife of Prince Christopher, a "handsome woman gowned in pale yellow satin," made an appearance on the balcony above the Café Debresil. Crowds appeared below, applauding, as the Princess clapped her hands and shouted: "Constantine is coming back."
The response from the crowd was: "Long live the Dollar Princess."
The British minister in Athens, Earl Granville delivered a note to the Greek government stating that "Great Britain will extend no further financial aid to Greece" if King Constantine is restored to the throne. On behalf of the French government, the French minister has sent a note to the Greek government "demanding payment of outstanding loans."

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