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Ferdinand wants to abdicate and name Carol as King

December 20, 1926

Former Crown Prince Carol of Roumania may soon return home "to receive the fatted calf in the shape of his country's throne," the Associated Press reports today.  He renounced his rights to the throne last January.  His father, King Ferdinand, "sick in body and tired of the task of wearing the crown, wishes to abdicate the throne," and be succeeded by his son, Carol. 

According to a "high authority," Ferdinand made this request at a "secret council meeting at Bucharest."

General Coanda was sent to Paris to speak with Carol "who is willing to comply with his father's wishes, but under several conditions."

Ferdinand is reported to have told his Ministers:  "I am a sick old man.  I want to retire entirely from public life."  The secret council was attended by Queen Marie, Premier Averescu, Ion Bratiano, the "uncrowned king of Romania, General Coanda and other leading Roumanian political figures.

"Whatever months or years I may have to live, and I understand the learned professors differ on that question," Ferdinand is reported to have said.  "I wish to devote to the care of my health and perhaps make the prophesies of the experts go wrong."

Carol remains at Neuilly, and "has not seized eagerly at this new invitation" to return to Roumania.  He has two conditions.  The first is that Ferdinand must accept a divorce between Carol and Helen, and she must leave the country before he returns.   And, second, Carol wants the present government "to be ousted" and a new government formed. He wants Professor Jorgan, leader of the opposition to former a new government.

Professor Jorgan has issued a statement declaring "that he would oppose Carol's return" unless he resumed a family life with Princess Helen and their son, Michael, the "present Heir Apparent."

"If Prince Carol wishes to come back to his wife and son and decide as an honest man to uphold the rights of his child, nobody should prevent him. But if he should attempt to make use of the army for some adventures liable to cause trouble in the country he would not find a greater adversary in all Rumania than myself.  Nobody has loved him more than I have."

The day before the Professor released his statement, he met with Queen Marie, who remains a forced to be "reckoned with."  If Carol returns to Roumania, she will "retire into the background for the first time since her star shot across the Balkan sky."  It has been reported that she wants the succession remain as it is, with Michael succeeding Ferdinand.  She also wants to have a place on the regency.   King Ferdinand, however, wants Carol to come home and succeed him.

It remains to be seen how the next Balkan act will be played.

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