Friday, December 17, 2010

Italy delighted, Queen Elena is pregnant

December 17, 1900

The Italian newspaper Messagero "asserts" that King Victor Emanuele of Italy has informed Premier Saracco that the Queen "will be come a mother about six months hence," reports the New York Times. 
Just over four years ago,  many hoped that the then Prince of Naples would marry one of "English princesses, but he chose as his wife  the very attractive Princess Elena of Montenegro. 
However, "children have as yet resulted from the union,"  yet the couple remain very popular, "especially among the lower classes."
Victor Emanuele succeeded to the throne on July 29 following the assassination of his father, King Umberto.
An announcement of an heir has been long awaited.  As Messagero is not "one of the semi-official papers," it is not yet known if their dispatch is accurate.

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