Thursday, December 16, 2010

Princess Christopher visits Alexander's widow

December 16, 1920

Mme. Aspasia Manos, the widow of King Alexander I of the Hellenes, may see her circumstances change due to a Greek court, which will grant probate of the will of her late husband. The will recognizes the marriage and her unborn child as heir.  The King's estate, which includes money and valuables, is worth in the range of $175,000.
Mme. Manos has been living in "straitened circumstances" since her husband's death.  She receives a small income of 300 drachmas per month, which she gave to her seriously ill grandfather.  She lives "in seclusion," temporarily residing in the former residence of the Crown Prince.
Her "sorrow has softened the hostility of the royal family toward the morganatic union," and several members of the returning royal exiles "have called on her."  Princess Christopher has "shown special solicitude for her."

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