Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The King's Speech - Golden Globe nominations

The Golden Globe Nominations were announced this morning. 

The King's Speech received seven nominations, including Colin Firth (Best Actor), Helena Bonham Carter (Best Supporting Actress) Geoffrey Rush (Best Supporting Actor), and Best Picture (Drama).)

I doubt the Golden Globe folks know that today is the 115th anniversary of the birth of HH Prince Albert (Frederick Arthur George of York (in 1898, Queen Victoria issued a letters patent that extended the HRH to the children of Prince of Wales' only surviving son).    In 1920, King George V created his second son as Duke of York.  Following the abdication of Edward VIII on December 11, 1936,  the Duke of York succeeded as George VI.

The King's Speech has not been released nationally ... not even in Washington D.C.  Perhaps this Friday!

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Kalnel said...

I think it opens Friday (12/17) at the Landmark theatres in Bethesda and on E Street with broader release on Christmas Day.