Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Encouraging bulletin

December 1, 1900

From the Associated Press:  The following bulletin was issued today from Livadia:
"The Emperor passed a very good day yesterday, and slept very well last night.  His Majesty's condition is very satisfactory.  At 9 o'clock yesterday evening his temperature was 97, pulse 69.  This morning his temperature was 96.1, pulse 60."
Nicholas II's doctors are satisfied with his progress.  Empress Alexandra "has not ceased her watchful care and is attending personally to the wants of her husband."  She shows "no signs of fatigue, and enjoys good health."   Nobody sees the Czar except the Empress and the doctors.
Queen Victoria is "daily informed of the course of the Czar's malady," but the reports of Victoria sending her private physician to report on the Czar's illness is "without foundation."
His Imperial Majesty is now "entering upon a period of convalescence."

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