Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Duke of York dines with brother

December 7, 1936

Nearly the same time that Mrs. Simpson announced in Cannes that "she was ready to give up King Edward,"  the Duke of York, first in line to the throne, arrived by car at King Edward's retreat, Fort Belevedere, near Windsor.
It was the first visit the Duke paid to the King since Friday, although the duke had been staying at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, only a few minutes drive away. It is "understood" the two brothers talked briefly on the telephone yesterday.
The duke dined with the king alone, and did not return to the Royal Lodge, until after midnight.  King Edward has remained largely in seclusion at his country home for four days. Although he was seen walking his little Cairn terrier,  the King has remained in his "private apartments," reading newspapers, cablegrams and dispatches brought to him from London. 
He has also had meetings with Walter Monckton, the Attorney General for the Duchy of Lancaster, who spent Sunday night at the Fort.  He traveled twice today to London, where he had "long conversations" with Prime Minister Baldwin.

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