Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wheel found off Iceland's coast may have come from Princess's plane

August 31, 1928

The AP is reporting that the Palladium Tire Manufacturing Company has identified "the markings on an airplane wheel found off the coast of Iceland as being one of their products." The wheel have have belonged to the Fokker airplane in which Princess Anne of Löwensteim-Wertheim-Rosenberg, Captain Leslie Hamilton and Col. F.F. Minchin disappeared "just a year ago while on a trans-Atlantic flight to Canada."
The company sold two such wheels on August 12, 1927, and these type of wheels were used on the Princess' plane, the St. Raphael, which left England on August 31, 1927. The plane was last seen flying over Ireland, and apparently disappeared after flying out over the open sea. The plane "disappeared from view and its fate became a mystery just as many other trans-Atlantic attempts."

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