Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carol will be king without Helen

August 10, 1930

The "reconciliation negotiation" between King Carol and his former wife, Helen took "a startling turn" when the "prodigal king decided that the coronation" will take place in September without Princess Helen, according to the Chicago Tribune press service.
After receiving the news from the king, Premier Maniu refused "to organize the coronation festivities and threatened to resign." King Carol came up with a compromise to crown Helen as queen "without the annulment of the divorce," but the premier stated the "crowning would be impossible without official reconciliation."
A coronation of a divorced king would be seen as "socially uncomfortable" since "most of the foreign royal guests will refuse to participate."
Carol is hoping to receive the support of his brother-in-law King Alexander of Yugoslavia, and will visit him at Belgrade in September.

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