Thursday, August 19, 2010

No reconciliation for Carol & Helen

August 19, 1930

Reports of a reconciliation between King Carol and his former wife, Queen Helen, are now believed to be "groundless," according to a wireless to the New York Times. Roumanians now believe that the king has "abandoned hope of resuming relations with Queen Helen," and he now intends to "seek the hand of another European royalty." The popular opinion says the king will marry the Duchess of Guise.
Carol is "rapidly losing popularity in this connection, as the "government and political parties stand behind Helen."
In an attempt to thwart another crisis regarding the state of Carol's marriage, Dowager Queen Marie today left Bled in Yugoslavia, where she had been staying with her daughter, Queen Marie, and her family, "in desperate haste." Marie "hopes to effect an eleventh-hour reconciliaton between Carol on one side and Helen and her political supporters on the other."

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