Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alfonso confers with sons

August 12, 1936

King Alfonso XIII of Spain, who gave yup his throne "in a rebellion without bloodshed five years ago," is in Dellach, Austria, where he conferred with his two sons tonight. The Associated Press reports that the King is debating his chances of returning to power in the midst of the present civil war."
The King's two younger sons, Jaime and Juan, were called here by Alfonso. There are also rumors that Alfonso "might discuss a plan of action" with Marie, the Queen Mother of Roumania. Queen Marrie is at a villa less than a half mile from the Dellach hotel, where Alfonso has been staying. The villa is "closely guarded," but it is believed that the Queen is staying with her daughter, Princess Ileana, and Archduke Anton, Ileana's husband.
Juan, who bears the title Prince of Asturias, is the heir to Spanish throne. His "conference with his father was deemed so important" that a memorial service for the late youngest son, Gonzalo, "was postponed until tomorrow."
The former king himself gave few clues about his plans. "As long as the disturbances continue I cannot discuss my plans."

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