Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crown Prince Gustav praises America as he sails away

August 5, 1926

Crown Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden and his wife, Crown Princess Louise, sailed today from San Francisco to Honolulu. Before leaving, the Crown Prince issued a statement on his impressions of the United States. He and the Crown Princess toured the United States for a month.
According to the New York Times' report, Gustav warmly praised the intellectual life of this country as "something which should be more generally realized by the outside world in order to understand what is going on within the nation."
He sincerely appreciated the "spirit of friendship manifested by everyone."
"we have been struck by the phenomenal, rapid and continued growth of the cities, which certainly reflects the intense building-up still going on in all directions, and we have noticed the way you are attempting to cope with the ensuing traffic and building problems and to combine utility with the growing want to preserve beauty and to beautify.
"We have admired the remarkable organization of some of your world industries, where labor saving and efficiency combined with good quality seem to have attained their utmost practical impression. This strong organization seems to be achieved by the best cooperation of all forces involved. Then the wonderful development of your railroads and other means of communication, which I have pointed out several times.
"The turn to another side of the life of your nation. The high standing of your seats of learning, your valuable contributions to scientific research, much of which is nowadays pioneer work, your museums and other collections, so well provided for and so perfectly organized; your libraries and the the great interest the public takes in them all -- all this and many other things prove not only a high educational standard and a high level of science and the arts, but also a strong trend to still higher and better achievements."
Crown Prince Gustav and Crown Princess Louise will spend two weeks in the Hawaiian islands. They have requested that they be treated as tourists and not as "royal guests." They do not want any official welcome and do not want any formal functions.

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