Monday, August 23, 2010

London hears rumors of Olav's engagement to Astrid

August 23, 1926

By wireless to the New York Times. It is being reported today that "many Londoners were interested in the revival of the rumor of the forthcoming engagement of Princess Astrid of Sweden and Crown Prince Olaf of Norway."
Crown Prince Olav, 23, was born in England, and is the son of King George V's sister, Maud. He studied at Oxford for two years.

Princess Astrid is well known to Britons. She visited London last September, when it was rumored that she was engaged to the Prince of Wales. She is "said to be the prettiest princess in Europe." Astrid "skates, dances, fences and goes in for all country sports." She also enjoys cooking, and her jam is said to be "splendid." She is a "capable nurse and linguist." Princess Astrid will celebrate her 21st birthday in November.

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