Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is a boy!

March 18, 1914

There was much "rejoicing" in Brunswick this morning when the Duchess of Brunswick gave birth to an 8lb "male heir," at the royal castle. 

The baby was born at 5 a.m., and mother and son are "progressing satisfactorily" reports the New York Times.

The Duchess was "attended" by her mother, Empress Auguste Viktoria, and news of the infant's birth was "telegraphed" to Wilhelm II in Berlin.

This is the sixth grandchild for the German Emperor who ordered that all the government building in Berlin be "decorated with flags"   School children were given the day off with a "public holiday."

In Brunswick, the birth of the Hereditary Prince was announced with a 101 gun salute.

Wilhelm II had canceled all of his public engagements for today, and will travel to Brunswick to see his new grandson. 

A crowd gathered outside the palace, and the Duke of Brunswick appeared on the balcony and was "compelled to stand bowing" for ten minutes while a "big crowd cheered him."

He married Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia last May 24.

The Duke has given $7500 to the poor in the duchy in honor of his son's birth.

Sir Horace Rumpold, British Councillor at the Embassy  in Berlin, is in Brunswick to "Certify the birth of a Prince of Great Britain and Ireland.

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