Friday, December 10, 2010

Hotel Adlon lets Prussian Prince back in

December 10, 1920

Prince Joachim Albrecht of Prussia, cousin of the former Kaiser, is back in Berlin, reports the New York Times.  He received "worldwide notoriety as the ringleader in an anti-Entente riot at the Adlon Hotel last year."
He was banned from Berlin for a year, and "having brightened his days of exile by courtship and remarriage,"  Prince Joachim Albrecht has returned to his Wilhelmstrasse palace.
The Prince, however, still had a "hankering for the fleshpots of the Adlon restaurant," but, after his "March escapade, he was warned to avoid."  He had been told that he was no longer welcome at the restaurant.  This afternoon, the Prince sent his new wife, the former "Baroness Nositsche, a well-known figure in Berlin society," to visit Herr Adlon and inquire if "the Prince would now be admitted to his favorite restaurant."   [Joachim's wife's name was Karoline Stockhammer.]
The Princess made assurances to Herr Adlon that her husband "would behave himself."   Herr Adlon lifted the ban.  The Prince's "promise to behave is in a way a belated confession" for his actions last March.  Earlier he had maintained that "he was nothing more than a spectator" at the riot.
Thus, the Prince and Princess, both smiling, arrived for dinner.  They were shown to the Prince's favorite table.  The band did not play "Deutschland uber Alles."   To honor Prince Joachim Albrecht's return, the band played two of his own compositions, "Toujours Fidele," a "rather pretty slow waltz," and another waltz, "Mietta."
The Prince and Princess were greeted by many friends, and before leaving the restaurant, they expressed their thanks to Herr Adlon "for restoring hospitable relations."

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