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Forthcoming royal marriages

December 20, 1878

The Chicago Daily Tribune  reports on two forthcoming royal marriages.  The Duke of Cumberland, a great-grandson of George III, is to marry Princess Thyra of Denmark, sister of the Princess of Wales.  The official declaration of the engagement was made on November 20 at the castle of Fredensborg.  This was an "impressive ceremony." 
At 5:45 p.m., the Danish royal family entered one of the palace's large reception rooms, where several presentations took place.  Thirty minutes later, a "procession was formed and the company sat down to magnificent banquet."  King Christian IX arose,  and announced, in French, the "betrothal of his beloved daughter, the Princess Thyra, and His Royal Highess, the Duke of Cumberland."  He asked all present to drink to the young couple's health and "to wish them every happiness and prosperity." The announcement was followed by the playing of "God Save the Queen/" 
The Duke of Cumberland "expressed his gratitude to the King and Queen for having granted him the hand of the Princess."
The Duke is the son of the blind King Georg V of Hannover, who lost his throne to Prussia in 1866.  Thus,  the Duke is king in name only"  but he is "unlikely ever to regain his throne or his estates." 
The Prussian government was not represented at the betrothal ceremony.  Prussia's ambassador to Denmark "left Copenhagen rather abruptly" to avoid meeting the Duke of Cumberland.

The marriage of the Duke of Connaught with Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia will take place at St. George's Chapel on February 7. The wedding will be "performed with much state and with great festivities."  The groom's mother, Queen Victoria, is "expected to take a prominent part." 
Princess Louise Margaret, the daughter of Prince Friedrich Carl of Prussia, will be attended by eight bridesmaids, the daughters of two English dukes, two Irish Marquesses, and four Earls, two being Scotch and two English.  The dukes are Bedford and Marlborough, the Marquesses of Headfort and Conyngham, the Earls of Erroll,  Elgin,  Bradford and Mount Edgecombe.
The Duke of Connaught is about to visit Berlin for the final time before his marriage.  He will stay with the Princess and her mother at their palace in Berlin. 

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