Friday, August 20, 2010

Lord Brabourne's new love

Richard Kay reports today on the reason for Lord Brabourne's decision to decamp to Windemere Island in the Bahamas. She is 57-year-old Lady Nuttall, the widow of Sir Nicholas Nuttall;, who died three years ago at the of 73. Lady Nuttall was born Eugenie Marie Alicia (Jeannie) McWeeney, daughter of William Thomas McWeeney. (I am not making up this name.) Jeannie, 57, is a fashion designer and runs her own business, Jeannie McQueeney.
I gather she did not want to go into the hot dog business! Lady Nuttall is from New Providence, Bahamas.

Sir Nicholas's second wife was Miranda Quarry. They were divorced in 1983. Miranda has been married three times. Her first husband was Peter Sellers. Her second husband was Sir Nicholas. In 1995, she married the Earl of Stockton.
Miranda is the daughter of Richard Bridges St. John Quarry and Diana Lloyd. Diana's second husband was Stormont Mancroft Samuel Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft. Lord and Lady Mancroft's eldest daughter, the Hon. Victoria Mancroft was married to HRH Prince Nicholas of Prussia, whose marriage ended in divorce largely due to Nicholas' infidelity with Sarah Macmillan, the wife of Hon. Adam Macmillan, younger brother of Lord Stockton, whose wife is Princess Nicholas' older half-sister.


Rupertb said...

You could extend this further - Peter Sellers later married actress Lynne Frederick, who subsequently went on to marry Sir David Frost and he in turn went on to marry Lady Carina Fitzalan-Howard, daughter of the late 17th Duke of Norfolk & sister of the present 18th Duke, sometime actress (Lady) Marsha Ryecart and Lady Tessa, wife of Roderick, 5th Earl of Balfour (their daughter Kinvara is married to Count Riccardo Lanza, himself great-grandson of the 9th Earl of Bessborough), whose brother Charles Balfour btw, is married to Countes Svea Goess, sister of Count Moritz Goess, husband of Duchess Fleur of Wuerttemberg !
Sir Nicholas Nuttall's 2nd wife was Julia Williamson (formerly married to Lord Patrick Beresford, son of the 7th Marquess of Waterford)by whom he had 2 children, who were attendants at Camilla Shand's first wedding ;-)

Shall I carry on ? :-)

I'm always fascinated by the relationships between British aristocracy/RF/landed gentry/acting fraternity etc etc.

DW said...

"Jeannie McWeeney"? Oh, that was unkind of her parents....

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Her first name is Eugenie