Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Grania O'Malley, never Mountbatten dead at 71


Bournemouth Echo

I expect Grabnia Mary O'Malley will have some explaining to do at the Pearly Gates.  She was not Grace Mary Beatrice Victoria Mountbatten.   She was born Grania Mary O'Malley, the daughter of Hamilton O'Malley and his second wife Eleanor de Pentheny O'Kelly.

She was not born July 31, 1946, but July 31, 1950.  This is cited in several sources, as well as her birth record in France, and confirmed numerous times to me by family members.

Lady Iris and Hamilton did not have any children.  She had one son, Robin by her second husband.   Grania was 71 years old, not 75.   Family members, one of her lawyers (whose correspondence with included statements that he knew who she was and reminded her of her real name.  

And then there is the matter of her birth record in Cannes.  She was born on July 31, 1950, not 1946.  She certainly had mental health and legal issues.  She is now at peace.

It is tragic and sad that she had to create a fake persona (even though the facts would always win.). She could never win a lawsuit because she would have to prove that she was Lady Iris and Hamilton's daughter.   She would post the responses on her website. There was always a simple request:  please send us your birth certificate.   

This she was unable to do because her birth certificate states she is the daughter of Hamilton O'Malley and Eleanor de Pentheny O'Kelly.

She used Grace, rather than Grania in the final years of her life.  Her name was Grania Mary O'Malley.  My last contact with her was in 2015.  












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emily said...

I remember when she first appeared here. She made some real doozies of claims, all of which I think she genuinely believed. She was clearly very, very unwell. I too hope she is now at peace.