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Council cannot ban "antisocial" Rowan Lascelles, nephew of Lord Harewood

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The Westminster Council has "failed in its attempt to ban" Rowan Nash Lascelles from the "borough after years of violence, threats, criminal damage, and racist behavior," reports The Times.

Lascelles, 43, is the son of the Hon. James Lascelles, whose late father, the 7th Earl of Harewood was Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, and his first wife, Fredericka Duhrssen.

According to The Times,  the Westminster Council had applied for an order to bar Lascelles from the area due to his behavior as a "persistent offender."   Olwen Davies, the District Judge, denied the council's application stating an "order will not deter his entrenched criminality."

Every time the Council tried to place Lascelles in council housing, his "unreasonable behavior" would lead to another eviction.

He has been convicted for several "racially aggravated offenses." and has been banned from Sainbury's store in the Strand where he ranted against several members of the staff there screaming "Go back where you come from. I'm going to kick you out of the country. You're not English."

But it was Lascelles who would be kicked out of his previous accommodation at the King George's Hotel in Victoria, due to his antisocial behavior.  Lascelles is currently living in a hotel room in Victoria that is paid for by his father.

George Bossman, who is the coordinator for Westminster's homeless, told the Times that Lascelles "only viable alternative to homelessness in London," is a farm in France owned by his mother, Fredericka, and her second husband, Paddy Hayter, who are the co-founders of the Footsbarn  Traveling Theatre, in La Chaussée, Maillet, France.  Due to health concerns, Hayter is stepping down as the company's artistic director.

The Hayters have a "very, very big farm there and when he works there it calms him down. However, when he does not like something he gets extremely angry and abuses people and we need to put boundaries  in his place to control his behavior." Bossman said.    "There have been frightening, aggressive outbursts and racist behavior and he had been engaging in the illicit use of substances and buying it in Westminster."

According to Bossman, Rowan hangs out with drug users, especially those who are using Spice, a "form of synthetic marijuana.   "If this behavior continues in Westminster there could be a fatality," Bossman added.  "We have tried everything in the book to contain his behavior, with mental health and drug alcohol teams attempting to help him."

Judge Davies said Rowan is "either unable or unwilling to change and ignores the criminal law.  An order excluding him from Westminster would simply be ignored.  If he does not obey the law he will not obey a Criminal Behavior Order and simply offend in other London boroughs and transfer his misery to Camden or Wandsworth."

In 2019,  an arrest warrant was issued for Lascelles after he failed to turn up for trial in the City of London's Magistrate Court.  He had been "found guilty of "racially aggravated assault and aggravated threatening behavior,"   On June 18, 2019, Lascelles was outside the Hippodrome Casino where he was beaten by three homeless men.  Two of the casino's bouncers came to his aid, but instead of saying thank you, Lascelles "spat blood and saliva" at one of the doormen, asking if he were "fucking legal?"

Last December, Lascelles was convicted for a "third racial abuse crime" following his statements to Sainsbury's staff after his credit card had been declined. He told the staff members to "go back to where you came from."

Lascelles had spent two days in police custody before his first court appearance in November 2020.  He received a sentence to a 12 month Community Order which included Drug Rehabilitation requirements.  He was also given an  Executive Order barring him from entering Sainsbury's in the Strand for 12-months.

The judge told him to stay away from drugs, as "they'll mess with your brain. Hopefully, you will stay out of trouble for the next year."

The court's Probation officer told the Daily Mail that Lascelles claims that he has ADHD  which was triggered by "physical and violent abuse" by his stepfather, Paddy Hayter, during his childhood. Lascelles also blames "the emotional neglect" by his mother for his ADHD.

He also said he suffers from PTSD.

In December 2020,  Lascelles told the court that he hoped to join his mother in France "when he sorts his life out.."  He also said he had stopped smoking crack cocaine and heroin."

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 The Hon. James Lascelles. 68, is the second of three sons of George, the 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011), and his first wife, Marion Stein.  His older brother, David, is the 8th Earl of Harewood.

The late Lord Harewood was the elder of two sons of HRH Princess Mary, Princess Royal, only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary, and Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood.  James married Frederika Duhrssen in 1973 in Wortham, Suffolk.  They had two children, Sophie and Rowan, before divorcing in 1985.  Most of their married life was spent living in a commune.  

 When Rowan was 18, he wanted to learn how to play the piano so he asked his grandmother, Marion Thorpe, a former concert pianist to teach him. "My father James plays the piano and I wanted to learn, so my grandmother agreed to teach me -- but I'm still a bit limited," Rowan told the Daily Mail's Nigel Dempster in April 1996.

James married his second wife, Lori "Shadow" Lee, a Native American,  in 1985, four years after the birth of their first child, a daughter, Tanit.  A son, Tewa, was born shortly after the couple's marriage.   

James and Lori divorced in 1996.  He has been married since 1999 to his third wife, the Nigerian-born Joy Elias-Rilwan.   James continues to be involved with music and is a member of a quartet, James Lascelles Talking Spirits.   He and his wife live in London.

The Earl of Harewood and his family are not members of the Royal Family although the present earl and his two younger brothers and their parents were included in the larger family events including the annual Trooping the Colour balcony appearances.  This ended in 1965 following the death of the Princess Royal.  Both of her sons were living apart from their first wives. The younger son, the Hon. Gerald Lascelles was already the father of a natural son, Martin, born in 1962.  Two years later, Lord Harewood became the father of a son, Mark, by Patricia Tuckwell.  They did not marry until 1967 following his contentious and public divorce from Marion Stein, who later married Liberal politician,  Jeremy Thorpe.  

Lord Harewood's divorce meant that he became a social pariah.  He was not invited to the funeral of his uncle, the Duke of Windsor, in 1972.   He and Lady Harewood were guests at the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in July 1981.

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Rowan Lascelles is the Duke of Cambridge's third cousin.


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