Thursday, April 3, 2014

Queen Paola releases statement on Prince Laurent

Queen Paola of the Belgians has released a statement about her youngest child, Prince Laurent, who has been hospitalized since March 21, ostensibly for pneumonia.

The statement was released on Wednesday, April 2.  Queen Paola and King Albert visited their son on Tuesday.

"Yesterday after our visit to the St. Luc Hospital my husband and I were very moved to see our son, Laurent,  and to discover that due to an experienced medical team his condition has improved and he has awakened from his artificial coma. As concerned parents, we have followed his condition every day.  We are especially concerned about his future.  After leaving the hospital, Laurent should build up a new life with Claire, Louise, Nicolas and Aymeric, where he can be himself and feel valued, with our support and help.
At the moment, Laurent, of all my children, is the most vulnerable,  and I give him all my attention and affection.
Since he was admitted to St. Luc Hospital, my husband and I are in constant contact with Claire, who we value and love very much, along with the excellent medical team taking care of Laurent."


John said...

Something about this event seems a little off, I hate to gossip but I just wonder if there is more to this. I guess we can only go by the official press releases.

emeraldcity said...

It's a very peculiar statement that hints at a lot more going on than the official line. In fact all the statements have been really odd and its hard not to read between the lines.