Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I wanna throw up

Seriously.  I feel a major hair ball coming on.  A big hair ball.  Just when you think Reality TV can get any lower,  all of the sudden the bar drops even further.

On May 27, Fox (same owner as the wretched faux news channel) will offer I Wanna Marry Harry.    Twelve women (bimbos?) will be competing to win a royal marriage proposal from ... are you ready?  Really ready?  

Prince Harry of Wales.  You know Harry: brother of the Duke of Cambridge,  younger son of the Prince of Wales, fourth in line to the throne.  War veteran. 

Prince Harry, who will celebrate his 30th birthday in September, does have a girlfriend,  and her name is not a secret.   His main squeeze is Cressida Bonas, a blue blood with fabulous blonde hair and a DNA to make royal genealogists squeak with delight.   Cressida has been on the cover of Tatler, which means EVERYONE knows about her relationship with Prince Harry.

I know this is "reality TV," but I cannot believe that here in America, especially in Texas, there are women who don't know about Prince Harry and his girlfriend.  Shakes head in total disbelief.  I am so embarrassed.  We Americans have such a wretched international reputation as it is ... now these chickie-poos will only make it worse.  

Stop the madness.  Memo to world:  not all of us on this side of the Pond are stupid, vain or the punch line of a blonde joke!  Most of us know that the show is using a Prince Harry impersonator.

Secret Princes ... and now I Wanna Marry Harry!    Stop the madness.  I want to get off, now!

The Daily Mail published today a story about these silly, vain and vapid women.


juan said...

Is Mark Shand´s death reported in U.S.A.´s televisions ? What do they say about this tragedy?

Michelle said...

this is the show i told you about awhile ago, so i've had time to digest the absurdity, but even now it still blows my mind to think about. anyone who knows anything about the REAL Prince Harry would not be fooled. for example, in the promo pictures, he's wearing a sash & badge meant to resemble the Garter ones but he hasn't joined that yet. he has two medals but they are worn on the other side. he looks different. royals don't find girlfriends on reality shows! and anyone who wants to marry him JUST because he is a prince should know he would never want them in the first place!

Mark Wills said...

My sentiments exactly, Marlene. The actor portraying Prince Harry doesn't even look like him, in my opinion. It's embarrassing - and I live in Texas.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Juan, just do a Google news search and you will find US news reports.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Bernard ... it's my blog ...

Juan , the Today show had a piece today on Mark's death

juan said...

Thanks Marlene, I 'll try to watch it, some televisions cannot be watched on line from abroad and I don't have satelite.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It is called Geoblocking.

Here is the link.

You can download Tunnelbear to watch geoblocked programs

juan said...

Thanks again Marlene.