Friday, April 11, 2014

British royals heading to Hanover for 300th anniversary of Personal Union

Several members of the British royal family will be traveling to Hanover this year to take part in events commemorating the 300th anniversary of the accession of George I and the establishment of the Hanoverian dynasty in the United Kingdom. 

Prince Michael of Kent, younger brother of the Duke and Kent, and a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, will attend the opening of "Der Weg zur Krone" (Path to the Crown) at Schloss Marienburg on April 30. 

The Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth II's second son, will visit Hanover on  June 4, and will be the guest of honor at a garden party held at Schloss Herrenhausen to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's birthday.


juan said...

Marlene it's not the 400 th anniversary, it's 300 th anniversary, George I became King of Great Britain in 1714.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I counted three times and got 400 .. three times .. that's why I cannot do math

juan said...

It's ok , it's just a mistake, anybody can make a mistake.