Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prince Laurent: discharged from hospital

Prince Laurent of Belgium has been discharged from St. Luc-University Hospital and is now recuperating at his home, Villa Clementine, according an official palace statement.  He left the hospital sometime on Tuesday.

Laurent, the youngest child of King Albert II and Queen Paola, was hospitalized for more than three weeks, ostensibly for pneumonia.  He was placed in an artificial coma for several days.

Rumors about the prince's true medical condition continue to be published in the Belgian and Dutch newspapers and magazines. One Dutch magazine, Privé was the first to report that Laurent tried to commit suicide at Villa Clementine, and was first placed in the psychiatric ward before being transferred to intensive care.   There has been no official confirmation of the magazine's report.

Laurent's brother, King Philippe, fired King Albert and Queen Paola's official spokesman Vincent Pardoen, who released Queen Paola's statement after King Philippe made it clear that all statements regarding Laurent's health would come from his office. 

In the statement, released on April 4 to the Belgian news agency, Belga,  Queen Paola wrote that Laurent was her most "vulnerable" child. 

The palace did not approve of this release, and Pardoen was relieved of his duties.

On Monday night, Queen Paola, who was present for the screening of a new film about child abuse, confided to a source that Prince Laurent is now "okay."

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