Thursday, April 10, 2014

Palace continues to deny reports of suicide attempt

Belgian palace officials continue to deny the persistent rumors swirling around the real reason for Prince Laurent's hospitalization.  

Officials insist Prince Laurent, younger brother of King Philippe, was hospitalized because he was suffering from pneumonia.  Prince Laurent was released from St. Luc-University Hospital in Brussels on Tuesday, and is now back at his home, Villa Clementine, with his wife, Princess Claire, and their three children.

If Palace official are lying about the true reason for Laurent's hospitalization,  the truth will surely come out.  If Laurent did attempt suicide, he should be open about it.  As a prince, unfortunately much maligned at present,  Laurent could become a spokesman, a face for what depression can do to a person, even a well-to-do prince of Belgium.  By going public, and speaking out,  Prince Laurent can only help himself, and, perhaps, offer hope to others in similar situations.   This would be the case if the report about suicide attempt is true. 

Pneumonia is a nasty illness, very treatable.  I had it once.  People who are run down, not eating properly, are good candidates for catching colds, which can quickly develop into bronchitis and pneumonia.  (In my case, I am susceptible to upper respiratory infections.)

It would be far better for the Palace to offer a serious and well-thought out response to these rumors, rather than hide behind comments about the privacy of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire. 


John said...

I agree. I was very touched when Rosalyn Carter came out regarding her depression and Betty Ford about her alcoholism, I think it made a lot of difference for people who felt stigmatized about these types of illnesses. If it is true about the prince's condition.

Even pulmonary disease awareness is helpful too, if it really is pneumonia.

Laura said...

Agreed. This has been bungled and it's far better now to just be open. The time for "privacy concerns" is over.

juan said...

Why are you assuming and insinuating they are lying and should say the truth?. Rumors aren´t always true, maybe they are saying the truth. In the other hand this is a personal matter and Laurent should feel free to talk about his stay in Hospital, whatever the reason is.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Transparency. Moreover, Laurent gets public money. Queen Paola's statement was released without permission, and Philippe fired Albert's head of household because of the statement ... Yes, I do think there is a lot more to the constant palace denials.

juan said...

Marlene, I don´t urderstand you very well. Last january we commented the Reconciliation in the Royal House of the Two Sicilies, I spoke about illness of Infante Don Carlos, then you answered to me "Juan, I know, but I will not write about the duke's health as it is private".
Why health of Infante Don Carlos is private and Prince Laurent´s health isn´t?, Prince Laurent deserves the same respect that Infante Don Carlos.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You miss the entire point. Don Carlos is not a member of a reigning royal family, but a private individual who is not supported by taxpayers. Prince Laurent is a member of the Belgian royal family, who receives payment from the state, a residence, etc. The Belgians have bungled this episode from day one. Things only got worse after the palace admitted Laurent was in the hospital, and he had pneumonia. Albert and Paola stay away on their vacation, eventually come home, go visit Laurent. Paola released cryptic statement to the media about her vulnerable son. This was done without Philippe's approval, after the head of Albert's household was told no. He releases statement to the press, in spite of the order .. and Philippe fires him. All of this makes things worse - rather than be upfront from the start. In the UK, a member of the RF sneezes and it is reported. with updates. The Belgian monarchy has many problems - and this episode does not help. There might be sympathy for Laurent - and if the story is true, he could do so much to help others, as well. Don Carlos is in a different situation.

Martha said...

Well said!

juan said...

I don´t think I miss the entire point, know about Queen Paola´s statement and King Albert´s Head of Household was fired and know perfectly Infante Don Carlos isn´t a member of a reigning family.
I am not talking about that, I am talking about privacy, do they royals have privacy? I say so, although most times we forget it.
Everybody, prince or commun, could have health´s problems and that is a private matter and something very personal, it´s doesn´t matter if Princes receive their payments from State, civil servants receive their pay from State too and their health are private, the same politicians. It´s not important if Prince Laurent is member of a reigning family and Infante Don Carlos isn´t.
In the other hand you cannot compare British Monarchy with Belgish Monarchy, every royal family is different and british royals have faults too, nothing is perfect.

John said...

I have to correct my comment. Rosalyn Carter did not publicly admit to depression from articles I was trying to read (when I was supposed to be working) today at work, I am remembering it incorrectly. She is a mental health advocate though, and that's wonderful.