Thursday, April 10, 2014

Princess descrbes Germans as "heathens"

April 10, 1934

Princess Marie Adelheid of Lippe offers a "frank avowal" of German women in a recent article, published in the Nordische Zeitung, a publication of the "Nordic-pagan freedom movement."

She wrote: "We have no need of salvation -- we are heathen."  She summarized her "ethical code" as "honor, responsibility and consequential conduct of life."

"Modern German women no longer worship the idols foisted upon them by the churches.  A Redeemer outside ourselves we refuse to recognize.  It is the duty of mothers not to allow the poison of an alien conception of a deity to contaminate their children's souls.

"A healthy German child's need for religion is infinitesimal. The great era which has now dawned requires from wives and mothers that they shall discard all obsolete religious beliefs."

Princess Marie Adelheid Mathilde Karoline Elise Alexe Auguste Albertine of Lippe-Biesterfeld is the daughter of Prince Rudolf of Lippe-Biesterfeld and Princess Luise of Ardeck.

In May 1920, she married Prince Heinrich XXXII Reuss, who was seventeen years her senior.  Less than a year later, in February 1921, the marriage ended in divorce.   Less than two months later, Princess Marie Adelheid married her former husband's younger brother, Prince Heinrich XXXV.  

Prince Heinrich's first marriage to Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg was dissolved by divorce so he could marry Princess Marie Adelheid, who was pregnant with their child.  She gave birth to a son, Prince Heinrich V Reuss on May 1921.

Princess Marie Adelheid's second marriage also collapsed quickly in divorce, which was granted in June 1923.

Since 1927, the Princess has been married to Hanno Konopath, who is a noted Nazi official.  They met a meeting of the Nordic Ring, a paganist society, where eugenics and race were major topics of conversation.   This group believed that the Nordic race, which included Germans, was in decline, and needed to be reinvigorated.

Princess Marie Adelheid rose quickly to become a leader in the Nordic Faith movement, and is an ardent support of National Socialism.

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