Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Royal baby: "Angelic"

December 12, 1948

The Countess Granville, sister of Queen Elizabeth, gave the first "public description" of the 4-week-old infant son of Princess Elizabeth.    Lady Granville told the Associated Press that the baby "couldn't be more angelic look."  She added that he has "amazingly delicate features for so young a baby."

The infant Prince is described as "golden haired with the most beautiful complexion."

Earlier today, John Gordon, editor of the Sunday Express "reproved the Palace for being so close-mouthed about the royal heir."

He wanted to know why the baby's name has not been announced.

"Has this secrecy been necessary?  Even more important, is it wise and good?"

Newspapers have been "pleading in vain" for the Palace to release photographs of the baby and tell the world his name. 

Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, gave birth to her first child on November 14. 

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