Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No pictures, please

@Jesal Parshotam / Splash News

@Jesal Parshotam / Splash News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's office notified the usual suspects -- the photographers -- to tell them to not come to Buckleberry and take photos outside the church.  They stated this was a private event for them.

The photographers agreed to this "bizarre" request, but the message was sent only to a select group.   The request was not sent to the wire services and other major news organizations, who did show up and take photos outside St. Mark's Church in Englefield.

Memo to the Duke of Cambridge:  you are second in line to the throne.  You are the future head of the  Church of England.   Arrivals and departures from church are not private moments.  Kneeling at the Communion rail, and receiving the Sacrament is a private moment.

The Reuters photos were not shot by paparazzi.  These photos -- the Today Show just showed the snaps -- did not violate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's privacy.

I must say the Duchess did  not  look well in the photographs.  She looked wan and tired, which is not a surprise considering her bout with severe morning sickness.

The topless photos taken by a photographer with a very long lens did violate privacy laws in France.  Leaving church on Christmas Day did not violate privacy laws.

My sincere thanks to Jesal Parshotam, one of the photographers who did go to Buckleberry and took a selection of photos, for allowing me to use his photos.

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Matthew Plooster said...

Amen, Marlene! When one is a working royal, several otherwise private or personal activities are part of the job and, therefore, public. Being seen attending church services, attending cultural events, and even dining in British pubs could all be considered part of the job.